Xtreme Savings for Students 13 to 17...

  • There are lots of ways to win prizes* (iTunes cards, gas cards, Six Flags tickets - just to name a few):
    • By participating in online education; Complete online financial education courses available on Guides to Independence
    • By saving; make regular deposits to either your account (10 non-ACH transactions per quarter...savings or checking or a combination)
    • By using your TCCU debit card (10 debit card transactions per month/including ATMs)
  • Free online account access and eStatements
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Xtreme Checking for Students 13 to 17...

Now that you're earning your own spending money, a TCCU Xtreme checking account will help you keep more of your cash. Low minimums and no monthly fees. Click here for more information.

Certificates of Deposit - Another great way to save money is with a certificate of deposit geared to your age group - lower minimums to open and other perks.

Scholarship Program - TCCU offers scholarships for every age group. It's never too early (or too late) to prepare for college.

Millionaire Calculator - See how much you need to save, and how long it will take to become a millionaire!

Saving Magic App (for iPhone & Android) To "save magic", you must earn, save, and spend money wisely as you play.

Links just for you...

Claim Your Youth is way too cool for parents, but perfect for teens. Check it out immediately, or risk being xtremely lame.

Guides to Independence is your guide to financial freedom. Topics include how to buy a used car, set & achieve financial goals, start & balance a checking account, use a debit card, and even get a loan. Try out any of these 10-15 minute courses today. Completed GTI courses equal entries into quarterly prize drawings!

Googolplex®: C-Note University: Money skills for high school students

MoneyMix: Launch Your Life.

All about, earning, spending, borrowing, investing, driving, housing and insuring. Stuff you need to know!

The place where kids teach kids about money & business...

*Winner limited to one prize, per contest category, per calendar year.  

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