Save money as you spend, with a TCCU debit card and Change Is Good!

Saving money is sometimes challenging. We created the Change Is Good! (CIG) Savings Program and account to help you save without any extra effort. Simply using your TCCU Debit MasterCard adds to your savings each time you use it!

  • Purchases made with your TCCU Debit MasterCard are rounded up to the next dollar, then those amounts are transferred into your CIG account.
  • No minimum balance to earn disclosed dividends
  • Up to four (4) free withdrawals per month
  • Dividends paid monthly on a tiered rate system
    • $0 - $200.99
    • $201 - $400.99
    • $401 and up
  • Quarterly statements

You may now make deposits to your CIG account by using the automated coin counter located in our main office at Tarrant County Plaza. Bring your loose change, run it through the machine and receive a receipt for the total. Present it to a teller for deposit into your CIG account. Give your piggy bank and your couch cushions a break!


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