TCCU is here to help our young members continue their educational pursuits by providing a way to obtain funds for college or specialized training.

Our in-house education loan program is designed, in part, to simplify money matters for the student and family.

For a perspective student (and their parents) who could benefit from a financial leg-up in this department, Tarrant County Credit Union has an easy answer. We’ve created an affordable program to take away some of the burden of getting your immediate educational finances in order.

  • Student may apply for up to $4,000 per semester or term
  • Payments will begin in approximately 45 days
  • A guarantor, preferably a parent or guardian, may be required to co-sign the loan 
  • The cost of each additional semester will be added to the existing balance of the loan; maximum loan is $30,000 per student 
  • Terms based on amount borrowed – maximum term 120 months

Got a question? We can help.

Contact us online, give us a call at 817-884-1470, or stop by a branch location for assistance with any questions or concerns.