A TCCU Payday Plus Loan (PPL) will help you with an emergency cash need without the high interest rates and fees charged by typical Payday lenders.  A Payday Plus Loan will also benefit you by helping improve your credit worthiness and establishing a savings plan. Borrowing limits: $250 Minimum, $600 Maximum.

Compare TCCU's Payday Plus Loan VS. Traditional Payday Lenders

TCCU/PPL Payday Lender
$25 every 180 days, if used Application fee $75 and up
*Maximum 18% APR 36%-up to 780% APR
Repayment up to 6 months 14 days repayment
**Savings plan included No savings plan available

No early payoff penalties. Easy application.

*Rate discounts may apply.
**Minimum deposit required; funds must remain on deposit for 6 months.


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