Financing is available for the purchase of a new or used Manufactured House or Mobile Home. The following guidelines apply:

  • An appraisal of current value is required
  • An inspection of the home is required
  • A pre-owned mobile home must be listed in the NADA Guide
  • Loan amount cannot exceed the loan value computed from the NADA Guide
  • A minimum of 20% equity in the home is required
  • Loan term is dependent upon the age of the home and the amount borrowed
  • Certain restrictions and conditions apply


All mortgage loan applications, with the exception of Home Improvement Loans, and Home Equity Loans less than $150K, are processed through Member Home Loan, LLC; A Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) established in 2005. Member Home Loan was established to originate, process, underwrite, close, fund and service mortgage loans for Credit Unions.

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