Brian Gordon, Licensed Motor Vehicle, RV, Trailer and Semi-Trailer dealer since 2001.

Brian provides the following services for TCCU members:

  • Vehicle Purchases
    • New or Used
    • Custom Wholesale Auction Purchases
    • Cars for kids and first time drivers
    • Specialty purchases (collectible, antique, classic or hard to find vehicles)
  • Vehicle Sales
    • Individual consignments
    • Distress sales
    • Extra vehicles
    • Inherited vehicles or estate sales
    • Cash purchase by dealer
  • Trades and Trade Valuations
    • Free valuation of member vehicles
  • Streamlined Purchase Process if purchasing a BriansPlace vehicle
    • In and out in 15 minutes or less
    • Coordinates TCCU funding/drafting
    • Flexible appointment times
  • Delivery Assistance
    • Driveway delivery
    • PIcks up traded or consigned vehicles
  • Personal Attention

You may contact Brian Gordon at (254)646-2170 or

Visit the web site:

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