All of us will be touched by long term care decisions as we get older; whether for a family member or for ourselves.  Let’s face it, long term care is not something we want to spend our time or money on, but it is a part of life in today’s world as we all age.  Many people will age without a spouse or family member to take care of them, so we will rely more on long term care than ever before. 

TCCU has partnered with Institution Solutions Incorporated, or ISI, to offer long term care coverage through Genworth Financial, a leading provider of long term care insurance.  Genworth Financial Insurance Company has over 15 million customers in 25 countries with an “A+” rating from A.M. Best.  Genworth Financial is a large company with many services to offer, especially in the long term health care insurance realm.

Call ISI today to find out more about long term care solutions with Genworth Financial:  877-603-6206

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