Helpful Tips for Preventing Identity Theft:

  • Do not give personal information, such as account numbers or social security numbers, over the telephone, through the mail, or over the Internet, unless you initiated the contact and you know who you are dealing with.  Beware of phone scams.  Never give your PIN or any other personal financial information to an unknown caller.
  • Do not disclose credit card or other financial account numbers on a website unless the site offers secure transactions.  Look for the "padlock" icon on your browser's status bar before submitting financial information through a Web site.  A simple test to make sure you are on a secure Web server is to check the beginning of the Web address in your browser's address bar.  It should read https://, rather than just http://.
  • Protect your PIN and other passwords.  Avoid using your mother's maiden name, your birth date, or the last four digits of your social security number as a password.  These are too easily obtained.
  • Closely guard your ATM/debit card, checks and credit cards.  Report all lost or stolen cards or checks immediately.
  • Shred all unwanted materials containing sensitive personal information such as credit union statements and credit card bills.
  • Sign up for e-Statements instead of receiving paper statements by mail.  Check all statements carefully to ensure you have authorized all charges.  With TCCU e-Banking, you can check your activity anytime, day or night, instead of waiting until reconciling your account at month-end.
  • Take all credit card receipts with you.  Never leave them in restaurants or other public places.  Also, don't dispose of them in a public trash container.  Take them home and shred them.
  • Carry only essential credit cards and identification.  Never carry your Social Security card or birth certificate.  Store these items in a secure place, only removing them when needed and returning them promptly.
  • Place your outgoing mail into a secure official postal service collection box.  Raising your mailbox flag to notify the carrier that you have outgoing mail, notifies everyone else as well.
  • Collect your mail every day.  Don't leave mail in your box overnight.  Credit card applications mailed to you with your personal information already filled in can easily be used by thieves to open accounts in your name.
  • The best way to monitor your account for Identity Theft is to obtain a copy of your credit report at least once a year.    The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, enacted June 1, 2005, requires each of the nationwide consumer reporting companies to provide consumers with a free copy of their credit reports once every 12 months.


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